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Susan Bloch, Formerly Learning Development Officer, Aditya Birla Group

We partnered with Marcus to initiate and implement a coaching program for senior management. He is an astute and extremely competent coach and facilitator. Managers rated his programs highly and their development was greatly enhanced by his insights. Importantly, he has the ability to connect with leaders from all cultures, an extremely important competence.

Swaminathan, Vice President - Energy business - India & Sri Lanka, Lloyd's Register Asia

Marcus quickly gained my confidence and got me into the enrichment mode. I have greatly enriched my self- awareness, some of it consciously and some of it sub-consciously. I have seen a marked improvement in my quality of work and the quality of my life. The fact that my wife now asks me "When is your next coaching session?" goes a long way to prove the positive impact of my sessions with Marcus.

Mawarni Hassan, Formerly Head, Culture and Pipeline Development for Maybank

I attended a number of sessions with Marcus and was impressed by his ability to build a good rapport and climate of trust within diverse groups ranging from top executives to middle management. As self-awareness and leadership sessions require openness and candour to be displayed by all parties to be successful, there is always a danger of offending or alienating participants. As a skilled and mindful trainer, Marcus was able to balance cultural and personal inhibitions within the groups while drawing out truthful and sometimes painful feedback.

Margaret Coates, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China

Under Sari's training program, I improved my general fitness, strength, posture, flexibility and balance. Unfortunately shortly before I joined Sari, I injured my shoulder. Sari was very careful to take that into account in planning my training and, with her help, my shoulder is fine.

Most of all I enjoyed my training with Sari. She is fun, knowledgeable and very reliable. Sari uses a wide range of training techniques to keep each session interesting and challenging.

I am very happy to recommend Sari to you and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Martin Smith, Credit Suisse

I was incredibly fortunate to find Sari working in the gym that I joined. She covered all the areas that my wife had told me to focus on: diet and nutrition, toning and bulking up. I found Sari's approach disarming, non-confrontational and able to produce very impressive results. On the face of it, with just one hour session a week for a period of 2 and a half months, I managed to lose 5 kilos of fat and put on 5 kilos of muscle. I ended up looking and feeling far better and it was entirely down to Sari. I cannot be happier in endorsing Sari, in the strongest possible terms, as the best fitness instructor I have ever met.