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Fit To Lead Workshops
All Fit To Lead workshops are based on the material outlined in the book and include the elements of the 5 Pillars of Performance, including personal development, nutrition, dynamic energetics and the P.E.R.M. leadership model.

We always recommend that participants follow up attendance at a workshop with a period of follow-up "Active Synergy Coaching” to create and sustain new practices and habits.

Women's Leadership Presence Programs
Sari runs a number of programs designed specifically for women. The programs contain many of the elements of the 5 Pillars of Performance and, in particular, focus on the physical state and how it shapes emotional range and the conversations of the mental state.

Tailored Programs
From time to time and, by request, we also offer programs that focus on one specific pillar, (eg the Physical pillar), on a specific element within a pillar (eg Restoration, which is a key element of the Physical pillar) or on one element of the Fit To Lead book (eg Dynamic Energetics or the P.E.R.M. leadership model)

Corporate Programs
Corporate programs differ from Public programs in that they are tailored to client needs and linked to existing company leadership competency frameworks. Depending on the client's needs, different elements within the 5 Pillars of Performance will be emphasized. The length of the program can be similarly flexed depending on client requirements. 

1-1 Public and Corporate Coaching
Coaching engagements are bespoke arrangements created and designed with the needs of the individual or group in mind.

We also partner with the following companies:
The Works Partnership
Newfield Asia
Stillwater Consulting

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